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Goapele × Dreamseeker
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“I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness” – Maya Angelou

Sound ×Scent ×Color

Tone Series 01 is comprised of two songs that express the different sides of love with breezy pastel harmonies and sweet, silky melodies. Every Tone Series 01 purchase includes complimentary downloads of Color My Heart and It's Complicated.

The scent of Tone Series 01 finds its home in the fragrance of wild roses, peach and peonies.

The garnet silk slip dress enraptures the listener in love and luxury, draping them in the essence of the Color My Heart song.

Goapele on collaborating with Dreamseeker

Hand-crafted with love

Curated by Goapele

Song downloads with every purchase

Hand-poured in California

Ecologically conscious

"Color My Heart"

wild rose × peach × peony

Tone Series 01

100% Silk Charmeuse

Goapele beyond Dreamseeker

She is a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, actor, and activist who has solidified her position amongst the most prolific R&B and soulful visionaries and creators of our time. And now, Goapele is back with her sixth and most introspective album yet, COLOURS.